Welcome, from the President of the Kelowna Summer Theatre Festival

Welcome to the second season for Kelowna Summer Theatre Festival!  It is hard to believe that almost a year has past since the start of our inaugural season.   Our actors have arrived in town and have started rehearsals.  Opening night is approaching and there is still so much to do!  Including writing blog posts LOL!  We are really excited about this second year.  We have a fabulous cast, two great show and…we have added Dark Days Live to fill our off nights (Mondays).  What is DDL?   Simply put, live music on Monday nights.  But not just any live music.  We have Anna Jacyszyn and her talented ensemble of musicians, along with Melina Moore one night (super soprano extraordinaire) and the Ponderosas on another Monday night (you’ll have to go to our website….wait you are already on our website!…anyway check the info on the other pages).   We have also added the option of gourmet picnics from Basket Case Picnics.  We have sampled their food and it is FANTASTIC!   We are also working out liqour licensing so that you can enjoy a glass of wine before or even during the shows.  Got to cut this short as there is plenty of preparation yet to do.  So, get your tickets!  We have an early bird special on for a short while so now is the time!  More to come….!

– Peter Kascak

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